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Meal Plans

January 11, 2013

Life on the Farm

About 4 years ago we decided to find our old farm house, which was harder than we thought.  Since it was not our first home we had things we wanted and knew to get some things up front as you never get around to doing everything. I was still in Oklahoma and my hubby was on the hunt for our new home.  

Since we moved in almost three years ago so much has changed in our life. I have always loved cooking, sewing, animals and of course friends. I always have to be busy and wanted to stay home and watch my kids grow up.  At this time I can say all of that has happened and I feel so blessed. I support local as much as I can and hope others do as well. I have learnt that I can do more than I ever thought I could. In saying all of this I believe you have in dreaming and planning to live the way you want. Still working on that.

I have also learnt more and more about where our food comes from. It is crazy to think how much food has changed over the years and how we all think what we buy in the stores are good for you. All I can say to all of you is look to see what is in your food and know what you are eating. Set little goals for yourself and work on them and then add more.

As for us this year will bring more animals and fruit trees. The garden I'm sure will grow and I will be busy learning about more food I can make and put up for these colder days where I can't go out and get it fresh. I'm cleaning out my house and getting it the way I know we love it before Spring.

As I get busy making lunches and watching kids, enjoy your day and many more to come.
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