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February 17, 2012

Friday It's Friday

I have not sat down and just wrote something in a long time. This week has been full of snow, rain and today is a beautiful spring like morning. It is still muddy outside from all the rain but the birds are talking as I went outside to dump the coffee beans on the garden. (They are very good for your plants) The sun is about to come up and I'm sitting thinking ohhhh I have so much to do this spring. But for now I will just enjoy the quite moment I'm in. I love mornings like this and I relaxed that is why I love camping and living in the country. There is just a pretty peace that you don't get in town. Well that is what I think anyway. Soon kids will be up and moving, lunches will be made, work will have to get done.
We are well into 2012 and I'm not sure I have sat down and wrote out all my goals. I know we need to fence in the garden this year if we want to eat anything before the chickens.  We also have to fix a two stone walls (They have been on the list for last year) and I would love to get some more fruit trees planted. As for animals I would love to add my two goats and some more chickens. Both meat and layers.  Welll my moment of quite is gone and I have to get into my day...........You have a wonderful day as well.

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