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February 18, 2012

Friends Maple Syrup

What a great day looking at my friends maple syrup process. I would love to try this one day, but since I don't have maple trees I just have their process to watch and learn. This is their second or third year of making their own. Which looked wonderful and they were having so much fun showing it to me. When I got there I saw the little blue cover tent out the back and wood being added. They are watching this the whole time.

                                              It has blocks under it, getting it off the ground.

On top they cut a hole to hold three big pans.

Two openings at this end to place wood in and create air flow

The pan in the middle has been boiling the longest and they take from the right and add to the middle. It was made out of an old oil tank. In the summer they plan to use it for a grill, take the pans out and place a rack over the hole. I didn't realise how long this process really was. Once they get it to a point they take the pans inside to complete the process and finish it out.

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