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Meal Plans

March 2, 2012

Goals for this year

Wow it is almost March and I have not sat down and wrote my goals. I have thought alot about them and what will get done vs dreams.

1. First we need to get a temp fencing system around the garden. I'm not sure how big I would like it in the end so I don't want to make it hard to change.

2. My strawberry patch will need to go in very soon. I plan to order them next week. I can't wait for my own strawberries and no more worrying about sprays.

3. Chickens to get more chickens or wait until next year. The question is in the air.

4. Plant Swap. Oh I love my annual plant swap, making it bigger and better this year.

5. New Chicken Coop. That will have to be done before we get more chickens

6. Goats. Just two that is all I want.

7. Canning. I would love to do some much more this year.

8. Grow enough potatoes to get us through the whole year.

9. Finish the wood stove.

There is more to add but this will work for now.

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