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January 17, 2012

An Apple a day - Unknown paper clipping

So when I get a package from my Mother she sends all these newspaper/Mag cuttings. Anything from gardening, crafts, kids stuff or just things that make me want to live better. She is what inspires me to be the way I am. As we always say she was doing composting and growing organic food, before it was cool.

Here is one that I would love to share and will do as time goes on.
We all know the cliche, but new research shows there may be more truth to the old saying than previously thought. Apples - or to be more exact, apple peel may decrease muscle wastage assciated with ageing and illnesses, a recent study by the universtiy of Iowa found.
It would seem that ursolic acid, the waxy substance found on apple peel, promotes muscle growth and increases muscle strenght. The benefits don't stop there, either. They also found ursolic acid could reduce body fat and lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Previous studies at NY's Cornell University show that apples may help protect against Alzheimer's disease and help stave off liver, colon and breast cancer.

My Mother has always eaten an apple a day, she even eats the seeds. But I will say she is very healthy. So maybe there is something to be said in this.

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