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November 20, 2012

Christmas is right around the corner and I have been watching Christmas movies the last week or so. Now I'm so ready to put Christmas stuff up. But I believe every holiday should have it's time. A time to enjoy and relax before the next one comes. Why do people put things up before Thanksgiving. I know it looks pretty and we all love it but does it take away from Thanksgiving. The same with shopping, why do we think it is okay to go out Thanksgiving night to get the best deal. I'm sure most of the people working want to be at home with their families eating Turkey.

There is really only a couple of times a year that families can/will stop and make time for each other. We are so busy in life with kids, sports and work. I'm not sure we stop long enough to enjoy each other. We talk about it like we want, make the change this year. Make sure your neighbors and family are together with others. Stay out of the stores this Thursday and enjoy your day. Just sit and talk, play a game. Spend time with each other.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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