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November 16, 2012

Wood Stove

One more step to living on less. Our biggest expense was fuel oil for heating in the winter. Living in the midwest and the first year we were here, we had snow on the garden for 3 months. It cost us an amount I don't even want to think about. The next year we had already decided to put in a wood stove for more than one reason. First to save money, second to not have to worry about heat if the power went out, third because it went along with our plan to learn to live of the land and lastly because I always had one as a kid and they heat so well.

In the midwest they have outdoor wood burners. These push heat into the house and work really well, however if the power went out we will still have to worry.  So we ending up with a beautiful cast iron woodstove.  As I sit here and watch the fire and feel the heat coming across the room,  I remember my childhood.  Sitting by a fire talking, laughing and playing cards or boardgames. I guess a fire brings people together. 

I still have to paint the wall behind but this is our first fire.

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