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Meal Plans

November 15, 2012

Almost Thanksgiving

I have not be able to blog for so long. It was not working with my old computer so I gave up and are trying to get it working after I have been reading a wonderful blog, with all kinds of good information.

This year has gone by so fast and now we are back to the cold months and lots of coffee to stay warm. The garden has been cleaned up and some fences fixed. Chicken coop cleaned and all the goodies on the garden. This is our first year with our wood stove. They had one years ago and took it out. I'm loving it and the heat from it is wonderful. There is nothing like coming in and standing by it to warm up.

Now I'm onto looking at seeds for next year and planning on where I can put things on our 5 acres.  Thinking of adding some more animals in the spring and maybe the first year for baby goats. Someone is going to have to teach me how to milk a goat. This should be funny.

This was also our first year for meat chickens. Love them and not sure we will ever buy one from the store again. There is something in buying local fresh food.

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