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December 30, 2012

Goals for 2013

As 2012 comes to an end and I look back at my goals, I did them all but one. I didn't build a new coop as I was not sure what design or location I wanted it. I'm almost to where I want it so maybe this spring I can make it happen. 

So what is going to be new at BullFrog Springs for 2013.

1. Build a compost bin/s that will last and be the way I want them

2. Build more raised beds, since I'm still working on my layout and how much I need to grow I may not have it the way I want it for a while.

3. Find a male goat for my girls. They are doing great and now I'm ready for babies.

4. Paint the fences. This needs to be done as soon as the warmer days come.

5. Fence in the rest of the goat area so they will not get out.

The big thing I would love to do it solar our place but that is going to take some money, maybe this year I can learn myself and get the bard done.

What are your goals?
As for learning different things in the kitchen so I can cut costs and make better food I will have another goal list for that.

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