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Welcome to BullFrog Springs. I hope you enjoy your time, get a coffee and relax for a minute.

Meal Plans

January 22, 2014

New Year, New Goals, Living Life

You always think a new year brings big changes and you will get up and get all these things started. Well that never happens for me so I don't put much into it anymore. But I did decide this year I was going to make monthly goals for myself and try to get my business working for me. 
Making a monthly list instead of daily or weekly seems to work better for me as some days I don't want to do things and the next I may.
In the cold months I always want to get the house cleaned and organized as I know right around the corner will be spring and I will want to get my garden planted, raised beds built and parts of the property cleaned up.........on and on.
As I sat today and wrote my list of veggies I wanted to grow and what seeds I need to buy, I realized how much we have added in the last four years. I now have blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, apple trees, peach trees growing. Oh and I forgot my little tree that is growing in the middle of my veggie garden. I think it is a peach, hope to move him to a new place when it warms up. That is what happens when you put compost in your garden. To do it right there is lots of planning and thought that goes into it every year. I'm not sure I remember my mother doing as much work. Maybe she did what I'm doing right now. Staying up after everyone is gone to bed and writing, planning and thinking of spring...........
Of course now she lets plants go to seed and self seed all over the place. Why not she tells me, why not see where the lettuces come up.
If you are just starting a garden or thinking of it. Start small and start with what you eat. You can add every year but I find if you make it to big the first year you don't want to do it again. It is a lot of work. But the rewards are so good.

January 11, 2013

Life on the Farm

About 4 years ago we decided to find our old farm house, which was harder than we thought.  Since it was not our first home we had things we wanted and knew to get some things up front as you never get around to doing everything. I was still in Oklahoma and my hubby was on the hunt for our new home.  

Since we moved in almost three years ago so much has changed in our life. I have always loved cooking, sewing, animals and of course friends. I always have to be busy and wanted to stay home and watch my kids grow up.  At this time I can say all of that has happened and I feel so blessed. I support local as much as I can and hope others do as well. I have learnt that I can do more than I ever thought I could. In saying all of this I believe you have in dreaming and planning to live the way you want. Still working on that.

I have also learnt more and more about where our food comes from. It is crazy to think how much food has changed over the years and how we all think what we buy in the stores are good for you. All I can say to all of you is look to see what is in your food and know what you are eating. Set little goals for yourself and work on them and then add more.

As for us this year will bring more animals and fruit trees. The garden I'm sure will grow and I will be busy learning about more food I can make and put up for these colder days where I can't go out and get it fresh. I'm cleaning out my house and getting it the way I know we love it before Spring.

As I get busy making lunches and watching kids, enjoy your day and many more to come.
Thanks for stopping by..........

December 30, 2012

Goals for 2013

As 2012 comes to an end and I look back at my goals, I did them all but one. I didn't build a new coop as I was not sure what design or location I wanted it. I'm almost to where I want it so maybe this spring I can make it happen. 

So what is going to be new at BullFrog Springs for 2013.

1. Build a compost bin/s that will last and be the way I want them

2. Build more raised beds, since I'm still working on my layout and how much I need to grow I may not have it the way I want it for a while.

3. Find a male goat for my girls. They are doing great and now I'm ready for babies.

4. Paint the fences. This needs to be done as soon as the warmer days come.

5. Fence in the rest of the goat area so they will not get out.

The big thing I would love to do it solar our place but that is going to take some money, maybe this year I can learn myself and get the bard done.

What are your goals?
As for learning different things in the kitchen so I can cut costs and make better food I will have another goal list for that.

December 7, 2012

Saving a buck

Not many know that we grew up with not much money. At the time I was not happy about not having everything and more. As a kid you think you should get whatever you want and why should your Mother not buy it for you. Most of my friends got what they wanted.
Looking back I would not want it any other way. Because we couldn't afford much, my Mother learnt to garden, cook, sew and anything else that came our way.  Which in turn she passed it all on to us that wanted to learn. So my sister and I have wonderful memories of cooking together. Making anything from cookies to full meals just for the family.  All of us learnt to plant veggies and have a love for the outdoors and gardening, picking food off one of the many food trees we had.  My Mother was also smart enough to learn that you don't need sprays or chemicals to make plants grow. Just some good time and love, well compost and water. But they grow and then you eat the best food in the world. We learnt to eat want was in season so it was forever changing and we learnt how to wash cloths, hang them on the line and iron what was needed.
As I have got older I also want to pass the art of being a true homemaker along to my kids. They have their gardens, they are learning how to sew and they are learning that they can do anything they want to do. 
So learning how to make things and cook at home we can save hundreds or dollars every year. If you work hard every day why would you not want to save some money and learn to live better.
Every week I try to find something I have never done before and stop buying it.

 If I can make more with less then I can save money.

PS My mother has just learnt to paint so I leave you with this piece I got for my birthday.