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January 12, 2012

Well we lost our first chicken (Boss) to a wild animal. They were out playing for the afternoon and when I went up at night to lock them up she was gone. The kids and I looked everywhere for her. I then decided to let my Lab out (she always plays with them, not in a good way) and she went right to you.  So my son is checking it all out and telling me what animal did it and my daughter is sitting crying as she loved Boss.

A very sad night as they are my outside babies, I know it goes with living in the country..............I will have to get use to it as I like the fact they can run all over the place.

On a happier note, I'm cleaning up my spice rack and working out what herbs I want to plant this year. I also made home made pretzels that were wonderful. Everyone loved them I had to make more.

Hubby came back from hunting and we are moving onto spring projects, (well the list anyway). So far we have more work in his pole barn. My raised beds, fence in the garden, understand canning better and do more of it. Sewing projects need to be completed. The list goes on

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