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February 1, 2012

My small tip of the day,

1. Use your butter papers instead of Pam spray when baking. Just wipe with the butter side down and cook away.

2. Coffee grounds are great for the garden. Even the flower garden. Just tip them straight on the garden.

3. For a better cake, let your ingredients come to room temp. Eggs, milk, butter

4. Did you know recycling aluminium cans uses 95% less energy, and causes less pollution than making new ones.

5. Did you know you can save your TP cardboard rolls for seed starters. Get way to upcycle. Plant them straight into the garden.

6. When the power goes out bring in your garden solar lights. They should last a while and you will not burn the house down.

7. Brown Sugar is so simple to make. Check out my blog recipe.

8. If you want to freshen up your sheets and pillowcases, add 1/4 quarter cup of baking soda to your washing machine, not fabric softener. Saves money and is a healthy option.

9. To freshen up your cutting boards try spraying them with vinegar and leaving them to in the sun or overnight.

10. Save you TP rolls for plant starters. You can dig them straight into the garden.

11. When dusting (I hate this job) try using a make-up brush for the little places on toys etc.

12. Recycle old envelopes for collecting seeds. Make sure you mark and date the outside.

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